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“I never would have tried any of these ideas if you hadn’t created this opportunity. Thank you!”

-Kenny, 2016 workshop participant

Teaching Artist

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The Whole Shape

Devised Theatre

When there's no script, no director, no set, and a fast-approaching deadline, how do a group of artists come together and make something substantial out of nothing? The Whole Shape is a different kind of devised theatre workshop, using play and ensemble teamwork to put aside fear and doubt in the performer and create something unexpected and beautiful. Scalable for both beginners and seasoned professionals, The Whole Shape will help you reconnect with the work at hand, your partners in the room, and your inner theatre artist.

Unscripted Drama


Improv can be funny. Like, hilariously funny. And there are many good practitioners in the world who can teach you how to make an audience laugh. Unscripted Drama, however, is about the "other" side of good improv: mounting stakes, rich characters, compelling situations, and tense circumstances–basically, improvisation for actors who usually deal with scripts. Unscripted Drama applies the core tenets of improvisation to help actors get comfortable and successful going off-book without falling completely out of the scene.


Movement Analysis

How do you walk? No, seriously: how do you walk? This amazing pedestrian movement gets taken for granted every single day, yet your character at some point is almost assuredly going to walk across the stage. Why not make it beautiful? Bodywork explores the fundamental movement patterns of walking and running–with an overview of anatomy and a dash of physics–to help performers move with simplicity, intention, and character. The human body isn't a coincidence; your character shouldn't be one, either.

Teaching Artist Experience

Role Organization Date
Clown and Stand-up Comedy Workshop Facilitator
(with Sarah McKinney)
Ferndale Repertory Theatre
(Ferndale, CA)
April 2017
Shadow Puppetry Workshop Facilitator
(with Sarah McKinney)
Arcata Playhouse
(Arcata, CA)
March-May 2017
Team Building and Leadership Workshop Facilitator
(with Alyssa Hughlett)
City of Arcata
(Arcata, CA)
February 2016
Movement Theatre and Viewpoints Workshop Facilitator
(with Kaitlen Osburn)
Eureka High School
(Eureka, CA)
January 2016
Dramatic Writing and Movement Workshop Coordinator
(with Alyssa Hughlett)
The RAVEN Project
(Eureka, CA)
February-March 2015
Dramatic Writing and Movement Workshop Facilitator Bridgeville Elementary School
(Bridgeville, CA)
June 2013
Speech Coach St. Anthony High School
(St. Anthony, MN)
January-April 2012
Speech Coach Mounds Park Academy
(St. Paul, MN)
January-April 2011
Speech Coach Mounds Park Academy
(St. Paul, MN)
January-April 2010
Speech Coach Mounds Park Academy
(St. Paul, MN)
January-April 2006